One Healthcare ID (formerly known as Optum ID)
Please use your existing One Healthcare ID credentials to login. All functionality on the website remains the same.

Why is a One Healthcare ID required?
A One Healthcare ID is our way of managing your online identity. Once you register for a One Healthcare ID you'll have a single sign on to access both and the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal to show website. Note:The first person in your organization who registers with your tax ID number (TIN) will be the primary administrator for any other user accounts in your organization.

What's UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal?
UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal is UnitedHealthcare's flagship self-service website for care providers. UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal tools can quickly provide the comprehensive information you need for most UnitedHealthcare benefit plans without the extra step of calling for information. Learn more about UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal at

Can I Use UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal Now For UnitedHealthcare Oxford Members?
Yes, with some qualifications.

UnitedHealthcare Oxford members whose plans renewed after Dec. 1, 2017, have listed on the back of their ID card. For these members, you'll use UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal tools for the functions you used to complete on To sign in, go to and click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the home page.

Some UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal tools can be used for UnitedHealthcare Oxford members whose plans have not renewed yet. For example, you can submit claims and claim reconsideration requests and enroll in Optum Pay.

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